taller ahuehuete, a locus of communal association, is rooted in the historical context of heterodox Marxist and anarcho-communist perspectives.

Within this collective space, comrades converge with a shared purpose — to catalyze the dismantling of capital and its pervasive dominion over our social relations, modes of production, and the fragile tapestry of the natural world.

In 2021, taller ahuehuete emerged as the amalgamation of individuals from different corners of the globe drawn together by the life, practice, and unyielding spirit of Samir Flores — a defender of the land and the communal principles of autonomy and self-determination. 

In homage to his memory, taller ahuehuete built an altar in accordance with the precolonial and syncretic practices traditionally observed by some of its members. In the days leading up to his murder, Samir Flores had fervently challenged bureaucratic and profit-seeking forces orchestrating extractive schemes antithetical to the principles of communal autonomy idiosyncratic to his community. As a vocal opponent of a thermoelectric plant and gas pipeline constructed without consultation from nearby residents — mega-projects championed by Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador — Samir's assassination follows a disturbing trend of unsolved attacks against land defenders. 

By shedding light on the pervasive violence orchestrated by the State on behalf of transnational capital, we aim to combat the obfuscation of hegemonic narratives and the frequent impunity in the acts of repression against anti-capitalist struggles in the Global South.

taller ahuehuete swiftly evolved into a nexus where the arts, revolutionary struggle, publications, translation efforts, community events, multidisciplinary projects, and critical theory intertwine to advance our mission. 

In the face of the hydra and the vampiric thirst for extraction and accumulation, we propose to find new horizons together. In the face of the capitalist hydra, a common cornfield.

Contact us: taller-ahuehuete[@]riseup.net