In February 2019, journalist and environmental activist Samir Flores was shot twice in the head at his home in Amilcingo, an indigenous village in Morelos, Mexico.

His murderers still go unidentified.

Samir was a vocal advocate for Indigenous rights and land protection, a member of the FPDTA and the Indigenous Governance Council (CIG), a Zapatista-affiliated organization.

The Peoples in Defense of Land and Water Front, of which Flores was a member, said he attended a public meeting days before his death and challenged government representatives, as an outspoken opponent of a thermal-electric plant and gas pipeline promoted by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The FPDTA declared that Samir had no enemies other than the promoters of the mega-development project.

“This is a political crime,” the statement said.

Samir’s assassination follows a disturbing trend of unsolved murders of environmental and human rights defenders, the majority of them Indigenous.

The number of journalists killed for their reporting doubled in 2020.

At least 30 journalists were killed the past year, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, with 21 assassinated as a direct result of their work.

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